Updates to my site are coming along slowly but surely. As of 5/12 I will be on a hiatus while I am focusing on my next art class.


Welcome to my little corner of the world wide web! This website is a collection of my creations and useful findings, many of them bird-related. I'm an amateur artist and photographer (and html coder) and this space is a place for me to document my journeys in cultivating my skills. Birds are one of my greatest joys in life so you'll find much of my creative efforts center around them. I live with my husband Josh, our cockatiels Sunny and Ginger, and our kitty, Little Kitty. We call the piedmont region of North Carolina home.

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recent updates

I started this website! There's lots to do still:

  • migrate my blog over here
  • create a photo portfolio
  • create a painting portfolio
  • update my about section
  • create a place for the webring
  • make a page to showcase my art friends
  • make a page to showcase my birding friends
  • update my sitemap/directory?
  • check each page to make sure all links/sidebars are working
  • check for responsiveness?
  • fix the background so it stays static on all screens
  • make a page reviewing the art classes I've taken
  • make a page for my favorite albums
  • make a page for my life list, with best photos and/or audio
  • fill in the details of my life list page

what I'm up to

Aimee Mann

in between books

The Office... again

catching up on my to-do list so I can focus on my upcoming Form & Rendering class

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